Thursday, September 9, 2010

curtain call

so remember this hint from a while back?  [at the bottom of the post] ok just humor me + say you do.

well we whipped up a little headboard project the other night and i think it turned out pretty ok!  especially for free!

we had the thick nautica shower curtain on hand [a leftover-but-not-forgotten-about item from our last house], as well as the plywood [from the construction of our current home] and the tacks [from an ikea project soon to be blogged]. we'd been talking about this simple idea for a while [obv. i mean, the date on that post was JANUARY. as in EIGHT MONTHS AGO.] but the actual doing of it escaped us while we were busy with other areas of the house.

note....the walls seem verrry green here!  
they're not nearly so yellowy-green, i swear!

anywho, c'est fini.  all it took was some ironing by me + gruntwork by the cutting the wood + carefully tacking the curtain in place so it was taut [like a tiger], with the ribbing lined up as neatly as we could manage considering the seaming didn't run completely straight.

i was going for dramatic so i had kevin hang it up, up, up + away....then wondered if perhaps i scaled a little too much wall with it.  well, i guess i just provided myself a good excuse to need [ahem] new euro shams or oversized square pillows down the road, to fill a little more of that real estate.

what do you think?  fairly dece for a couple rooks in the headboard department?  it certainly works out well considering that company's coming calling next weekend.  now if only i could speed up my progress on the master bedroom from snail status so i could get another side table/lamp going in there for some added hospitality....

at least i did get three of my photographs developed + framed finally.  at the moment they're leaning on top of the headboard but i do think i'd like them more permanently hung right above it. at least now we've got some good incentive....gotta git 'er done before our guests arrive!

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