Monday, May 9, 2011

color splash

so yesterday when i was playing with the little man, this happened.

roy g. biv, meet H.

H, meet RGB.

we had fun sorting colors, or mashing them together.

and, this just in: i am starting to love color.  not just a little but a LOT OF COLOR.

i always use to think the kiddie toys would drive me crazy. give me the constant urge to throw them all in a closet + slam the door shut.  walk around with blinders on.

but i'm actually kind of loving it.  in fact, its inspiring.  life with color is ever so full + happy feeling.  it makes me want to paint the town red paint the whole house white so that all the bright toys can truly pop.  am i crazy?  probably.  maybe.  but i'm also just proud to be a MOM.  [happy belated mother's day, everyone!]

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