Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dolla dolla bills y'all

as of late i have become a little bit obsessed with finding dollar store decor deals.


+ no one else usually has it, and i love having unique things

+ there's no pressure for it to be perfect or last forever

+ each item is $2 [ok, just making sure you're paying attention]

+ each item is $1 [for reals]

each of the things i've come upon recently is a kitchen item, or at least i am using the item that way so far.

exhibit a: a few contributors to my current red-green show in the kitchen.

stripey on the left....

citrus punch on the right....

....and vegetable soup, to warm things up with a little humor. [yes, you can stop squinting, the towel indeed says 'veg soup'. just to clarify what that hot bowl of mystery is.]

i love the outline drawings on this particular towel. so quirky-modern to my eye.

exhibit b: a cheapo yet vintagey looking powdered sugar shaker. ribbed for extra pleasure.

exhibit c: a set of twelve votive holders reincarnated as parfait cups

i fell for their modern lines + how they mimic stemless wine glasses [which i plan to try using them as at some point, too]

here they are on duty at a baby shower i co-hosted this weekend:

i plan to try them as vases next. i'm thinking 5 in a line on the mantle with perhaps a single leaf per vase.

so if you add it all up that's $17 [i have two of the lime green towels] but oh so much more satisfaction.


  1. I think you left out the most obvious reason you like the dollar store... you're Dutch!

  2. 'tis true, my friend! well said.