Monday, June 28, 2010

1 trimester, 2 trimester, 3 trimester, floor.

this week marks the last in baby h's fourth trimester, as they call it. the first three months of his life. gone. over. donezo, a la the hills. and to think, only a thousand odd photos to remember it by. [i wish i were kidding. if a picture is worth 1000 words then....]

the timing got me thinking. for one thing, i had started thinking a year ago that i'd begin a separate blog about home life once the baby arrived, to update friends + family and to have a record of these extremely challenging -er- joyful moments. i've also been asked to chat about things like fashion or events or other lifestylish sorts of things. and now that i sit here with 3 months of mom-dom under my belt it got me thinking. rather than try to support multiple writing outlets why not embrace more fully the one that i have, without overwhelming it with doodoo deets either? in other words, why not be authentic to who i am + broaden the posting scope to other topics as they come.

so the goal: daily tweets from our life over here in the trees.

with the emphasis as it always was on our newly built house + the adventures of decorating it. and if i fall short of the daily goal, i won't be hard on myself but will carry on. i think this will take the pressure off having long detailed posts + will actually make life easier. we shall see!

....thanks for tagging along!

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