Friday, August 7, 2009

merci. gracias. danke schön. dank je wel.

this note is for my husband. and all his hard work over the past year.

[eyes are already watering. i'm a major softie!]

while it might seem from posts + pics so far that our new house project was a blissful process of pointing at what we wanted and having it magically show up at or be built into the house....there was a lot of work done both behind the scenes and on the job site, day after day as the months went by.

we were blessed to be able to contract out more of the labor this time around [than on our last home]. and that was wonderful. but i want to take a minute to thank kevin specifically for all the hours he poured into this project as general contractor.. manager of the finances, budget and timeline.. installer of flooring, stone, and hardware..and builder of many miscellaneous things like our mailbox, columns, and deck.

from the very beginning he was making a million minute decisions about tree removal on our wooded lot, placement of the house, foundation and framing details....[the list goes on] with me regularly on my opinions and letting me stick more to the design and "looks" department of the project.

he even came close to losing his life! just kidding. but this photo kinda makes it look like he's about to fall backwards off the second floor to his death, doesn't it?

these two pictures were taken on an extremely cold michigan winter day, when the snow was piled high and despite that kevin placed drainage tubes around the entire perimeter of the house, which was still sitting in a giant hole at that point [it was the day before they backfilled so we had no other chance to get this done].

i'm kind of proud of him.

so....thank you! i appreciate every single thing, from your overseeing the big stuff to taking care of the tiny stuff....and every last thought or action in between.

....and this last picture? well for anyone who has installed a house-full of ikea hardware + accessories, you will understand that "thanks" is the least i could say.

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