Saturday, January 23, 2010


so i realized i reeeeally left you hanging on that mysterious blank wall in our living room.

might you remember this?

yikes. not much to look at besides a couple of vents.

oh, and it's the wall to the right of our fireplace, in case you need a little perspective.

it was looking a little sarah, plain + tall right? until....this guy.

are you wondering if i momentarily lost my mind?

this art project actually came to mind while watching top design on bravo last winter, while holed up in our dark little between-houses apartment. [pleeeeeeze bravo, bring back top design!!!!]

nathan thomas, resident genius, randomly decided to throw some paint on a canvas + call it good during the finale of the competition. and yes. he won.

totally, totally, totally amazing. and yes, he made the light fixture too. like i said....he won. i won't even get into the stark simplicity of the white laquered parsons table. with the ornate floral chairs. against the whimsy of the celestial cloud pendant and the mod, funky lines of the paint canvas. ok, sorry. getting distracted!

anywho. back to our abode. we were in need of some major eye candy on our little patch of grey [greige?] wall. so i started out with the goal in mind of pulling a little n.thomas trickery myself. i fully intended to use several paint colors from around our house [alas i repeat is free], conveniently stored in the garage. i was thinking a palette of black [from the kitchen accent wall], charcoal grey [dining room], light grey [foyer, master bath or 1/2 bath shade], and orange for a pop of interest. in preparation, i even used a coupon i had this summer for a small FREE gallon of glidden orange marmalade.

however once i applied the first few drippety-drops, i started to fall smitten with the ever-so-simple look of jet black on white. and the rest is history.

linear art + organic toss pillows = one heavenly match. what do you think? success??

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