Wednesday, October 13, 2010

brass junkie

so i went goodwill hunting last week.  funny how that conjures up images of a classic 90's flick and some pretty awesome 90's hair.  ahhh, the early days of the bromance.  before brody jenner gave it a whole new meaning and a competition to boot. anyway, there is a fairly new goodwill that popped up in town and i've been meaning to check it out for a while.

and was i looking specifically for a new crew of brass candlesticks?  no!  that's precisely the point!  you don't wander into the GW for something you need.  you wander in to find something you DON'T need!  um....wait.  that came out wrong.

for $12 though i carried home what i like to think of as the brass pack....five clean-lined, streamlined, almost art deco-like stems that are pretty on their own, or functioning as candle holders.  they're really quite heavy as well, which makes the price tag of about $2.20 per stick seem decent.

it wouldn't feel like a goodwill treasure if it wasn't coated in dust, right??

i could definitely also spraypaint them if the mood struck, but i have to say, i'm feeling a new appreciation for brass these days.  caveat: not just any ole brass.  i'm not rushing out to home depot to switch out all my doorknobs & bath fixtures to shiny glitzy gold.  however brass with a bit of an aged patina seems to be just the right juxtaposition to our new home + its decor. 

this is where i plunked the quints for now.  makes the dining room console a tad busy so some rearranging is in order....but i do love the smoky charcoal paint paired with the gilded metallic gleam of the set. 

and yes, i'm a big BIG fan of ms. emily henderson, recent hgtv design star, prop stylist and shelter blogger, who frequently dabbles in decorative items of the brass variety.  take this space....

 via hgtv

i'd venture to say it wouldn't be nearly as successful without the beauty of the brass accents for warmth + contrast.  without them all of the cool tones shown would be too monochromatic and cold.  not that i don't die for that chrome-legged chair and its geometric pal....and the huge grey canvas....and the white cube-y coffee table....and the pinstripes....and the....

oh and i know.  some of you aren't reading this because you've already had a small heart attack and have passed out on your keyboards because you've heard me bashing brass as long as you've known me. 

well....what can i say?  maybe being 28 has made me just a little more....brash.  if you will.

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