Friday, October 29, 2010

the canvas, people!

so back to the canvas topic.  if you recall, i'd had a less than positive encounter with the online company called the canvas people.  after an order + a reorder of a stretched canvas that gave me the blues twice over, i had pretty much given up on getting anything close to our photo.  despite a very friendly customer service representative.  and despite me being very hopeful to have things all work out in the end.  because i like people to like me!  and i like to like people!  even canvas people!

wellllll out of the blue [ok i did not even try to do that.  i swear.  it just happened.] i was checking the mailbox this week and BAM.  large. padded. envelope.  label that reads 'the canvas people'.  raised eyebrow.  quickened pace for return up driveway to house.

and....what's black + white + grey all over?  this guy!

basically during my last interaction with the company, which took place the first week of september, i left off emailing a b + w image of our photo and....well never heard anything beyond that point.  so i pretty much gave up and started bonding with the two blues brothers up on the mantle.

fast forward to now, and there's a chicagoan triptych happening up there.  i gotta say, i'm feeling pretty impressed with how everything ended up considering my total dollars dropped totaled $15, and i have three small canvases to play with + display with.

thank you tcp!  talk about going the extra mile to make your customer happy.

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