Wednesday, October 20, 2010

k + e

i try not to overload the blog with images of interiors from magazine sites or other blogs [albeit gorgeous and infinitely inspiring] as i feel there's already plenty of that to go around.  i figure i might as well stick with what i know, which is me + mine, and pretend i know what i'm talking about.

anyway.  fast forward to this morning and this site [sight?].  um, talk about a match made in blogger heaven.  me loves the bold striping, handmade aesthetic, classic colors, funky fauna, and HELLO THE NAMES.

k + e = 4evah

ignore the hiss + focus on the thomas paul pillow center stage!  among others!

now i am well aware that the hubs and i don't have the most original names on the planet.  i mean, we're practically poster children for the eighties, along with all the jennifers, justins and jessicas out there [you know who you are].  but come on.  kinda fun to run into this when wandering the interweb.

if you're curious, elizabeth from peacock feathers is an event planner in philly [so we have that in common too!  ....yes i'm joking]. who had these banners custom-made as decoration for her wedding day last june.  and who shares an interest in all things fashion + interior design/decor.   so that part we do share.  now if only we could share that neon acrylic tray....meowww!  how fun is that?

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